From Toledo to Jerusalem

Because a blond man, "non-Jews," wants to emigrate to Israel? What is the connection? Especially when many Jews in the United States are willing to do the move.

To which force someone went to travel to Israel 11 times, it serves in 8 Kibbutzim and is also during the Persian Gulf War, with a gas mask, with its so-called "atoom" cheder – "sealed room" – Have other volunteers had any eternal siren if another missile Scud was the head of the Land Promised? What would be an arrest for individual, defamation and sports risk to participate in legal manifestations in Jerusalem?

The first time I visited Israel was with the Church of God in 1980 in celebration Sukkot – the Biblical Festival of the Tabernacle. (Certi cristians comprise that the harvesting party of Israel anticipates the peace and prosperity that is soon coming under the rule of the Messiah). But this painter only when I'm intimate.

I wanted to take a closer look at Israel because of a bus tour window. That's what he decided to return to as a volunteer in the october of 1982. A Kibbutz is a collective splitting, even if he does not have other unforeseen events. Alimony serves Ramat Yohanan, near Haifa, in view of the Mt. Carmel, famous for the Elijah desert prophet, the encounter with pagan Israelites.

You can know that I had a love of God for the Jews and the nation of Israel (Essa. 62: 6-7). It is the holy sacrum that has been reinforced on the year with the fact that I have blessed that they have lived in all of Israel, known to know their land and people well. In Ramat Yohanan for over 5 months, I was in Sdot Yam in the Mediterranean, near Caesarea, the site of my first Ulpan (Intensive course in Hebrew), where the heroine of Israel, Hannah Senesh, it was; Regavim, near Zichron Yaakov, where I learned from my language lessons in ebrau in its green colors; Reshafim, near Beth She & # 39; year, with Mt. Gilboa practically in our yard, and the Jordanian mountains in front of the beautiful view; Adamit, on the borders of Lebanon, on top of a mountain, from it in print days can see all the Haifa and Mt. Carmel; Shoval, a rose in the desert of the Negev, to the north of Beer Sheva; Dan, to the northernmost part of Israel, between Syria and Lebanon, near the majestic Mt. Hermon, where they had been when "Operation Tempio Desert" blows in; and Ha & # 39; On, with its campground and ostrich family on the eastern shores of the Mari of Galilee, part of Tiberias; and last but not least, my beloved Jerusalem, near my preferred land area: Mount Turi.

But how to leave farmers and green grains in Ohio for a Middle Eastern country? (My ancestrals go to America from England, including John and Priscilla Alden on the Mayflower). Why could I change my name from David A. Hoover to David Ben-Ariel? (Hebrew for: David, the son of God and Lion – some to Jerusalem / Isaiah 29: 1). Yes, why

1) Because they are a Christian Zionist who believes that the restoration of Israel is no one sparing a miracle, and that all the Bible believers needed to uphold the fulfillment of the prophecy or denial their faith.

E 2) because I am firmly persuaded that many discover and discover: the Israeli identity of the peoples of North-Western Europe. This resemblance to our Hebrew ravaganza and biblical responsibility brings about the redemption process. Foreigner W. Armstrong was one of the largest to restore this truth to migrations I United States and Britain in Prufezia, but also friends with Yair Davidiy in Israel, founder of Brit Am Israeli and author of The tribes and Ephraim, representing a growing trap of Jews who accept the revelations of their brother, Joseph, the head of the Israeli king's tribe (other than the Southern Kingdom of Judah). After my Anglo-Saxon heritage, and also the essence of the royal family of English and Scotch, I am considered to be the tribe of Joseph and Judah. (They are tribe of Israel). For people I like, Israel is our old homeland. Do you really feel my return to Sion to a historic tree in family history?

Having been in Israel many times, and many innumerable letters to the Scheduling (the Toledo, Ohio, and Ohio newspaper), and many articles in support of a Jewish state, you should never imagine that one day You must be exported from it!

As will be the case with the Jerusalem Homepage (June 8, 1996), the GSS (the secretary of Israel) has received a six-minute deed of my alleged involvement in a plot of discovery Al A mzza This reconstitution of justice during the "watch bitch" that follows the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The Israeli day exploited the death of Yitzhak Rabin to squash his legal opposition. Such Stalinist rules were condemned by the ancient Russian refuseniks and "Zion Prisons." Fortunately, the reign of Shimon Peres was devastated with Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu's election. Bibi (and Netanyahu's affectionately named) has also been printed as "an enemy of peace" for the opposition imposed on the export of the # 39; OLP. The Israeli promises "at peace with the security".

Being a Christian member of the Fedi Fidalico Temple, I am privileged to participate in his legal manifestation during my house ten weeks in Jerusalem in the hope of citizenship. Israeli television has often taught me with my fair friends who brought Israeli flags through the old city. It also had letters published in Jerusalem Post, Viaje and other publications on the question of the Montu Tempio.

Today, the holy site is under a militant activity of the Muslim who forcibly forcing Christians or Jews to pray or read the Bible. This is not all the fact that the Salomon and Herod's Plot was none, and Jesus and his disciples inserted and prayed. Israel has a law against such violent religious discrimination, but apparently they will not be afraid or disputing to enforce it. Such sharply accentuate the aggressive creatures and punish the innocent! And show Mount Faithful healing for just this injustice.

Inside Babylon of Babylon: Europe and Rise and Fall You have arranged for the Israeli government to exercise your responsibility to build the Temple. Write this book to the United States before that problem. The book explains why I did not know each individual for erasing mascarati, but I would like to wait for GVERBÉ to buy its historic oblast. I used this to police during my six and a half interviewed. Later I was inducted into Jerusalem Russian Compound for three weeks until my deportation operations.

Like other attorney in Israel, Naftali Warzberger, he wrote, my future is associated with that of the Jews and Israel. That is why I have a composite comma. The Marcy Kaptur Congress (D. Ohio) has received the case of religious discrimination and political persecution before the State Department. Senator Mike DeWine (R. Ohio) has asked my name to return to Sione and is informed that the Interior Ministry "made a decision not to provide the visa and did not provide information. behind its decision ". I am sure that the writer Senatore DeWine would not "need a visa until 2005".

Is it a criminal for a permanent love for Israel? Do you believe that what is written in the Law and the prophets concerning the Temple and our responsibility to build it? Do you cry that you have not always been? Cum & # 39; and the Talmud of Jerusalem: "every generation in which the Temple has not been built as the Temple was destroyed in it …" It is not the state of the state. Is Israel a source of pain between two branches of oil?

You need to be in exile, sent to Earth ch & # 39; and I have, because hope, prayer and the dream of Israel is to create the meaning of the symbol: Temple and the Israel's destination to be light for all nations?