Casa Sitting – Living Rent Free In Puerto Vallarta

He has been a Vancouver visitor for many years. I can make an apartment for one year every year on the Los Muertos style, while taking a good discount on the instruction. On November, he spent a season at the shore of Jeff and Cindy from Ohio, offering the occasion of a life.

Jeff and Cindy arrived in PV for the first time, and many, on the cruise ship, 9 years ago. They returned year after year and bought 4 weeks in a time trade, which they used annually until they returned 2 years ago, and got their own Shell house to Shells. They were staying at home for 6 months and returned to Canada for the summer.

When they returned after a while, they found that their house was a bed. There was hunting and all their plants were dead. Evoking their old friend, they do not pay much attention to the house, and the promise. Some utility bills were not paid. It's not to say that this situation will ruin its reputation. From here they decided to find a house sitter, and they had done with their cottages from the lake in BC in the past.

When they fill the subject to take a daisy on the shore, I have been building a wonderful home while working on my dissertation for my doctor. There was little before we came to an agreement for what they grew up from me (pay for the pieces, keep their home and there were, repair, etc.) when they abandon PV In the spring, break

Imagine staying in a wonderful home near the beach. I loved the peace and luxury of my home and finished my work.

They were so pleasing to them when they returned to them, they asked if they could take away the new year … Hmmm …

There are many advantages of having left your vacant house. If you were thinking about two weeks, a trip for three months or a Saturday of the whole of the Saturday, it is always the question in the back of your mind: Who will take care of my house?

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Why is this house? Saving money, traveling without communion.