Très Fun Things to Do In Hong Kong

We will transfer to Hong Kong almost seven years ago with a very different environment in Cincinnati, Ohio. Transition was quick to its ease and I am sorry for what little cultural chronicle I had. That said, HK is very different from the westernmost city and many are very much to do. Which one you could just think of to visit that great city, considering moving or moving around for your work, I think it would be a problem to put on a realistic list of things to see and do in this magnificent city.

  1. The Peak . One of the first Chinese people and I made it in Hong Kong was to get a view of the upper city. The best way to see the rest of the world is to visit the Peak. This is a space that is high on the city and allows you to see most of the northern part of the Hong Kong island, and also to Victoria Harbor and Kowloon to the other part of the port . The most exceive way to get to the Peak is the historic inclination, which I swam.
  2. The north of the Hong Kong Peak . There are many ways to get to the Peak in HK. You can take a taxi, a bus or camel (but only he is very tight). The most exciting way to get to the Peak but you'll find the famous and historical More Tram. The tranche is like a phone carrier, but it will take you to a rather muddy angle, which gives false impor tation that the outer buildings and landscapes are in the bracket from the ground at a corner of 45 degrees! The ride lasts only ten minutes, but it is not defined by what you would expect at least one lap.
  3. A Star Ferry . Reminiscent of early 1900 in Hong Kong, Star Ferry is a short drive in Victoria Harbor and it is a direct transfer to Kowloon that finds the cultural and cultural art, Nathan Road and fabulous destinations and shopping destinations. The best part of a Star Ferry horse is that it gives you a view of the HK Islands. This is the only one you can appreciate the beauty and beauty of one of the best cities in the world.

Traveling to Hong Kong is much easier than you think. Most English-speaking people are usually attending the visitor. The transportation system is stupid. Taxi, buses, subways and railways are readily available to most of the day and night and are very expensive. If you are looking for a trip that is a bit out of the pace of the ship, there is always a unique cultural offer to do, consider visiting Hong Kong. Will not be disappointed!