SYNC Continue to provide more services without service for Ford issues

SYNC has become known for more services without fees, given that more than the Cleveland Ford providers are beginning to profit. Horoscopes, motion lists, access to the keys, other sales and hotels, and as an all-clearer voice message for the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicle attractiveness projects. SYNC, Traffic, Directions and Information. Most of the customers do not need to buy everything extra to take this service. All that was necessary was an active rights project in the new service provider was at its address.

Ford Motor Company has developed SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information services to include quotes, entertainment, travel and movie categories for clients. Clients had given traffic information, guidance guidance, news and business capabilities, and the expansion was completely free. The new service of SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information Services is proposed by Microsoft Tellme, a companion to the Ford Forum, the Ford Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Ford service, which are supplied with SYNC Immediate access to Improved Traffic, Directions and Information services.

The new SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information categories can offer you a lot. Here are some of the new categories and what the Cleveland Ford features.

• Coverage: The state level allows users to request specific information on the bundle, such as the daylight and a trial of 52 judgments, the bulk of the party, the market leader and the prices (P / E) report. All the users must do is say a name of the company and they will return some punctualities of estimation of SYNC.

• Cinema: The movie category enables searchers to search cinematographic cinema near their location or cities that they provide. The SYNC cinematographic category allows users to receive a list of new books and request wired movies anywhere in the world, tomorrow, or tomorrow. Customers can also say a cinematographic name and automatically update the rating information and see the cinemas where the movies are played.

• Horoscopes: The horoscope category allows users to speak no astrological sign and feel their schedule horrible. They may also list a list of all the following astrological signs.

• Voyage: The trip category can be made by directly connecting to 150 cities, 50 chains of the largest hotel and 11 largest caravans in the United States for # 39 voice commands

Other categories in the SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information service that were already available to customers include turn-by-turn indications, actual traffic manuals in customization with text-to-text ads, business search, entertainment , news, sports, travel information and predictions. All the services are enabled by a system of voice command on the client's super-sensor car system with advanced sensors, integrated GPS technology and a complete map and traffic data.

Other SYNC features include:

• A marine health report that is triggered by the "voice of the vehicle" voice command. It shows the vehicle diagnosis, the maintenance maintenance information, and recalled the information and you need to check the service in

• 911 Assist, which uses your mobile phone to be connected directly to an 911 operator. If you can not talk, SYNC 911 Assist will provide you with an emergency message to the operator for you. When the functionality is on 911 911 Assistant for you if your airbag is deployed and if the season is used in the emergency jet. In any case, the user also announces the name before he says, if you do not need urgent assistance.

• Media Player Support allows control users to manage their music by voice commands, because they can not go the wrong way, without adjusting the radio.

• The easy-to-use easy-to-use Client-friendly feature can make the hands-free key. Prima will not pair your phone with Bluetooth to SYNC, just "Dial" and SYNC will call the number for you.

The SYNC features are available for the 2011 and 2011 design rollouts Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models (Focus, Fusion, Flex, Expedition, F150, SuperDuty, Sport-Trac, Edge, Escape, Explorer, Mustang, Taurus, Milan, Mountaineer, MKS, MKX, MKZ, Navigator and Mariner) in the United States alone. SYNC proposes a three year shipping announcement for the owners of the new SYNC-equipped vehicles.