A Little Thing About the Movement in Hong Kong

Only a few months ago, I decided to transfer to Hong Kong for my review of the permanence of Cincinnati, Ohio. I had a little reconnect (in Facebook) with a cute girl from my tribute to high school who was not seen in person since 1985. As I have never married, do not have children and go out with their own companions Internet that allows me to work from any part of the world, decided to make an initial visit to verify. Only he took me a few days to realize that I wanted to live in Hong Kong.

I then extended the long visit from two weeks to four weeks, I had returned to the states to attack a few finders. I sold or supplied most of your personal business, and they are as deplorable as to what they are using in two cases. After 43 years and having your life reduced to what you two maleas it was a surrealistic and surprisingly liberating. A month later, he was off to Discovery Bay in Hong Kong for a new life of the army. Because someone who does this according to my mind, I would like to add some observations and recognition.

Umu: The Hong Kong government uses "Congestion of Kongdu". If you have used the currency of the U.Se, making the transition is really easy. The changing fee is around 7.8%. In simple terms, this means that a piece of cigarettes costing HK $ 39.00 has cost about $ 5.00 in the states. Because they are not really strong when it comes to mathematics, I found an easy way to convert dollars to HK domains. Say you see a pizza on a letter that is HK $ 100.00. How much is this dollar? The ch & # 39; and found it to be an easy way to convert it's purpose to define 10% of the price. In this case, 10% of the $ 100.00 is $ 10.00. After that, I turned to 25% of the $ 10.00, which is $ 2.50. So, the pizza that costs HK $ 100.00 is about $ 12.50 in sweet from America. If you want to buy the TV set that is sold for HK $ 8000.00, take 10% of the 8k, which is $ 800.00. So I have 25% of the $ 800.00 which is $ 200.00. So, and HK $ 8000.00 and TV standby is about $ 1000.00 dollars.

Another thing to remember from Hong Kong is that there is no sales tax. In addition, tipping in restaurants is rare. It seems strana before not cutting edge or simply abandoning the change after service, but the servants and the goods in Hong Kong are usually paid a good price or sold for one houru – unlike the states. Try $ 5.00 for dinner for $ 200.00 in a New York City and see what's going on!

Transportation: Many adults in Hong Kong do not impose a car. You do not need to do it. Hong Kong is astonishing because it is a city that is neat and organized. Mass transportation is safe, convenient, and very affordable. It's easy to get a taxi, take the subway (known as "MTR"), take a ferry or a bus stop. Even though Hong Kong is part of China, it is supranvulity with the English ex-pats from all over the world. In the result, 99% of the signs are in English, which is always very easy to move. The unusual advantages of the Hong Kong mass transit system are that when you do not have guidance, you can do something else as you read, verify email, nap, etc. This is a huge reducer of accentuation that most people do not say. Think about it after a two day period for a day!

Hiking: You live in Discovery Bay, which is a community in Lantau Island. I have often compared DB to Hawaii and the Hong Kong center to New York City. In other words, I have experienced the best of both worlds. The good thing about living here is that we can have all of the community in a different community, many of which are very small and relatively primitive. If you have loved the other and the love of being active, there are so many of them in the city's luck and have the Chinese culture on foot.

Proximity to other countries: I'm used to living in Ohio, which is in beautiful land. In Hong Kong, elsewhere it is very close to the mainland China, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. Many people who have met in Hong Kong are very homeless. It's not like how many people visited 10, 15 or 20 countries. A few months ago, I made friends with the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, South Africa and Baltimore. It's really a cold puddle, and there's never a sad moment.

Residency: When entering Hong Kong, immigrant pictures and passport that allows you to visit the region for 90 days. If you plan on staying longer, there are several ways to become a resident. If your company in the states you are sending me for business, you're good to come with a work visa. If you go here and they are treated by a company, you will receive a visa for work. If you plan to announce a business, you need to submit your immigration project and get an "invention visa." Do not do your own. Contact or visit the Hong Kong Advisory Council Advisory Council (HKTDC) and enter into a project that specializes in presenting community projects for immigration proficiency. If you put a resident and listen to your love, you may be well aware if you are married!

Traveling to Hong Kong is amazing. My only deny is that I have waited 43 years of risk from my comfort zone in Ohio. It is never too late to spread the new adventure of life. Life is short, because you have always had the purpose of discovering this great planet, considering it to be in Hong Kong. It's different, but not so different that the fright of culture is too much to handle.