Hillforest Mansion – Indiana Aurora

Assured on 10 hectares of high ground on a hilltop over the Ohio River, the Hillforest Mansion has an impressive scene. It's the same in the colorful past. Listed on the National Register of Historic Plans in 1992, it was granted the honor of being called the National Historic Meeting on the site of the comedo and Monticello by Thomas Jefferson.

Designed in 1853 by Isaiah Rogers, an architect named "the father of the modern place", was created by Thomas Gaff and his family from 1855 to 1891.

The carrier and river rivers were significant elements of Gaff's affairs and are reflected in the home architecture.

Although based on the Italian Renaissance Italian architects, the design of two stooges by Gaff in the maritime transport with its front doors with a width that is reminiscent of a steamboat boat . Among many features include Windows Ventian Glass, printed gingerbread, a museum room and a subterranean wine cellar.

The suspended staircase was stitched after those of the Grand Hall's whiteness on the back of the most productive times. Erotically, Gaff's sons had a horse on this scale and the back door.

Thomas Gaff was born in Scotland in July 1808. Following the United States, he was able to work on paper and distillery. As with his brother, James has participated in many alts, including a mestizo, a Nevada mine, agriculture, turnpike and the construction of canals, machine works, and a mill in Columbus Indiana that produced the world's first prepared cereal.

It is necessary to transform its brewery and distillery products, they also have a fleet of steamboats. During the Civil War, they were soldiers of the Army of the Army of Italy, where one of them, the Boscana Revenue became the seat of Gen . William Tecumseh Sherman and healed the Vicksburg block.

In their favored time, the brothers have intervened in a great civil affair, helping to organize the local school system, establishing the first National Aurora Bank and servants in the city council.

Oghje Hillforest is a non-profit museum and is open to the public.