Buzzards Roost is only an Úlicu Place in Hinckley, Ohio – The other is Whits Ledges

I think that a good starting point will be the location of these rock formations as it stands today. “Whits Ledges” are part of the Hinckley reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. This is the same Hinckley that is renamed the world famous for this rhythms.
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Another attempt to write the exact location of this park, I think it is less ambiguous to use Google Maps to find the place. If my photos were inspired to you, suggest yourself and have a full trip head.
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All the information that I uploaded to the person who has been reversed is (Robert Whipp) was made by Hinckley and the Medina Società Society, particularly the Historical Section of the Medina Public Library.
An Initial Purpose by Robert Whipp: We are scared with which we are beginning to dig in the long forgotten history of this person! In a nut shell (I’ll show it later), there has been an episode in the life of this man who was the O.J. Simpson’s 100-year-old test (117 for exact).
Robert Whipp was a Cattle Baron, in the standards he has been a millionaire … he died an owl, so there was no funding for a source of sources, not just that, the color of The color of which he was deputized (his first wife), a volunteer was sought to make the engraving. There is also another peculiar anomaly: to the date of his death, there is no “day” only the months and year. Why?? You will have my offer. It is necessary to visit its grave, it is in the cemetery of Hinckley (the Cemetery of Maple Hill), it is in the south of the Rt 303, about 1/2 mile north of the intersection Ridge Rd (Rt 3) and Rt 303 There is a mausoleum in the cemetery; Whipp’s final rest is about 10 north east of that structure.
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You need a digression lumera. I will give you several stories. If you are a Buff Histoire, and say after reading “You can not prove to them”, you can agree … We can not do it. My balance is based on the circumstantial evidence and an intestinal head … and a plausible explanation.
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After a valuation of the famous history of R. Whipp, one could also suspect that he was a wild man, because as a verbatim citation of the History of Medina.
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“No mastiff never smoked it and was not considered as a” full man “, and as far as his speech is concerned, no one has asked: it is never stiffer or exploited, and the urgency and the # 39; energy of four ordinal men ”

“He never used his help to treat or treat his wife for other sweet”

“It was not given profanity”

So … Who is Robert Whipp? He was born in England in 1824; In England he was a snail. At age 15 in the country of St. John, he mentions his father’s small business affairs. The work was self-proclaimed, but almost convicted of a rush of sheep in 1845. Soon after, they decided to sell all their belongings and move to Australia. In Liverpool, he had a ship in Australia, he encountered a group of the people who convinced him to go to America. It is sent to New York, only to Cleveland, only to Brunswick Ohio, where it’s a very good deal and a farm for a Preston Hart. After a single month of work for P. Hart, Whipp eagerly chose some land from him and started his own regional needs.

Start the Civil War, and all the cost of material restraints to support the effort. There is a craze for the entrepreneur (R. Whipp) to acquire as much land as possible. One of the people of the time was Horace Waite, always called “Deacon Waite”. Obviously all the farmers of the region were bankrupt except one, Deacon Waite. Then, survives his wife Mehetible. Casual Whipper “The Waite Vedua”. “Ittie” when Whipp had referred to her, his senior was substantial. This is the point of conjecture … Did Robert Whipp marry for reason to absorb his land? This question can not be answered in the affirmative because they persisted for 30 years until his death in 1876 (or above), and he always spoke of her in endearing terms. The supposed success: the two never had children of their own; There was a boy named Marvin Wilcox. Everything happens to M. Wilcox is ignorant, because he “in a nature of young people.”

In 1877 R. Whipp was worth $ 100,000, and he owned 2000 hectare land. Did you know that someone would hit you and embrace everything from their worldly positions? Why not! Anyone got an idea like this? (Ha-ha).

The main attorneys: There was a Granger or Hinckley Center (not a clear one) a family in English with the friendly terms with Whipp. Hanna Spensley of this family has been called Whipp’s call. She is a daughter Rachael (a young girl) and her son Lonsdale Spensley. Rachel has a new (lover) “Taylor.” (I learned from Rachel’s new identity are not clearly)

The plot is loaded; Hanna Spensley arrived at Whipp on the idea that the young Rachella “made a happy home.” Whipper does not have 30 years of age. Shortly thereafter Rachel and Whipp are “see others.” It was “in a delicate condition,” (this quote from the Medina Gazette) a euphemism of the XIX century for the pregnancy. Here’s my favorite story: Even though Whipp & Rachel had a business, there is a potential issue to suspect that Whipp might not be the father of his born. The father may have been Taylor (“History of Medina County” if he says that Taylor was the father, but, what happened to Taylor and the child will return).

In the face of Robert Whipp, it should be noted that he never thought Rachel was a good idea. A Wit: Duplicate date for the vote has been taken and two times by Robert Whipp is down to the alter. A third ceremony is chosen; Rachel confused Whipp in her sight, he was not a show! Two of them were staying at the American Hotel in Medina Ohio on August 13, 1877. It was 22 (a single fondue says 24) and was 54.

Shortly thereafter, Rachelvi turns into a superb. Quoting by Medina Gazette, who courted the court’s witness, “… they have persecuted violent arguments, and Rachael called her husband an old surviving servant who was intimated. Whipp was a man who sat compassed. field, and talking about divorce within 3 weeks of the nuptials. ”

The plot edged up. Even though Rachel was denouncing everything, Rachel Cuncocts sought to have her brother Lon and her boyfriend Taylor failed Whipp and made many suicide. The suicidal idea is plausible (if they went missing … they did not) because Whipp, over and over, had lamented to their neighbors that, if The economy continued, it suicide itself. Rachel sells a string from a John Brongers, a local warrior. She said that she needed a strong rope with which they were a cream and mantra in the pot … the rope was ½ inch diameter.

The plan is clinker that is Whipp! (There was never a certificate in which he was cloroform). The night of September 15, 1877 and two try the murderers, they failed. Keep in mind that Robert Whipp was not the average man, it was more than 6 and 250 others …

I can almost have some comment on what happened next. Lonsdale Spensley, Taylor and Rachel were arrested. Before arresting Rachel flees to his neighbor’s house, but to his mother, who returns home on September 17. She gives Medina Gazette “Her husband is conceived from home and puts her in the middle of the road.”

Mrs. Whipp, Lon Spensley and “Taylor” consisted of assault with the purpose of death. I went to “Taylor”. It is asked a separate part, under the law, the court will grant its request. In the story of this incident is only called “Taylor”, which is why Whipp could not identify with his person from one of his two assailants. In the past, he will not proceed … his exact identity will break under the plains of time.

The trial began on January 14, 1878, and lasted 11 days. Lonsdale Spensley and Rachel H Whippon were guilty and sentenced to 7 years of work. Tanti Rachel and Lonsdale only serve one year of their sentence. Rachel and Taylor get married and move to the place of southern Ohio and also welcome them in the days of the day.

For the 12-year problem, it’s almost no one whatsoever on baron Robert Whipper’s bastion mileage. His final position was in one of his land’s domains, the “Kline Farm” in Hinckley Ridge. Now back to the old anomaly of the date of his death. This is also one of my conjectures, because only “September 1890”? Could it not have been favored by its growing weakness, that a) became a hermit and b) nobody wanted to see all of you? Until c) Someone was walked from home and asked … “And that’s stink!”

So with the saga of the person whose name is indelibly attached to the Ledges of Hinckley Ridge. A fine note: I wrote one of my pictures “Inscription on Ledges de Whipp”. Immediately, but it can not prove that it was a connection to the registration name, (William Sargeant) and Robert Whipp.